Where tradition

and PASSION meet!

Monnalisa is the fruit of sharing. As a family whose business has always been catering, we have shared much in our lives – and not only in the workplace! Behind it all is an innate passion for an ancient art, with its wealth of traditions… Sicilian culture and the spirit of Italy blend as they encounter people who consider themselves “citizens of the world” – a truly international encounter! Monnalisa started up in Italy, in Bergamo, where our cuisine has enjoyed considerable success over many years. Our secret is in the pleasure we derive −each and every day −from providing our guests with catering and culinary excellence. Without forgetting the responsibilities that all this entails! Also attesting to our commitment is the particularly welcoming atmosphere awaiting you on your arrival.



We opened the Monnalisa restaurant in Switzerland a short time ago. Located in the centre of Lugano, the Monnalisa restaurant and its staff reserve a warm welcome to all diners. This is just one way of acknowledging the value of traditions handed down to us. Flavours, art and culture– by their very nature – were meant to mix. A source of refined pleasure for all diners. Ours is an alternative approach, but one also of sobriety. Of our specialities, not one is prepared without the loving care and attention we put into everything we do –whether for your mid-morning coffee break, a business lunch or a romantic dinner.

MonnaLisa’s food proposal is always evolving, a menu that changes weekly and daily specials that always follow seasonal ingredients. A fusion between India and Mediterranean, here you can find sicilian and indian specialties with no rivals.

About Chef Giuseppe


Giuseppe Iannino

Creativity, style and imagination

Sicilian origins, years of experience in every kind of cuisine. He’s been working in the Lugano area for the past few years and with MonnaLisa since its opening in Lugano. He brought creativity, style and imagination. He takes care of every little detail in every dish, using its passion that allows him to never repeat himself: discovering new sides of food every day. Giuseppe makes us go WOW! every day with different ideas and dishes that are so beautiful you wish you could eat them with your eyes as well.



Rajiv & Suhrya Pandya


Two brothers, authentic children of art and culture in a splendid encounter. Rajiv and Suhrya belong to a family dedicating years of experience and innate passion to the restaurant business and good food, accurately selected and with unique flavours. In their DNA their ability to welcome, advise and satisfy their customers. The same courtesy, part of the education handed down from their family.